Georg Wörlein

CEO & Head Of Design


A customer-focused leader with a passion for aviation, Georg Wörlein brings his 45+ years of aviation experience to the organization.  He excels at accomplishing work in design, engineering & certification. Georg is the founder and the General Manager of AIEC and Head of Design for our DOA.  Mr. Wörlein is responsible for top line customer support in both on-site and off-site engineering solutions.  He works with his team members to provide outstanding performance and customer satisfaction.


Franziska Wörlein

Student of Law


Franziska supports our team part time in management assistance and administrative matters.

Augustine Leo Franklin

Engineering Manager and Head Office of Airworthiness


Leo Franklin is responsible for Engineering and Certification. He has been with AIEC for more than 15 years and is well experienced in engineering, certification and compliance verification.  His Master’s Degree in Aviation Management helps him to provide professional project management and quality assurance to meet the design and certification requirements.

Urs Lisenfeld

Mechanical Design Engineer & CVE


Urs Lisenfeld is an experienced mechanical design engineer with 18+ years in aviation.  He works closely with the engineering department and provides structural solutions and mechanical design engineering support.  He also administers the Cabin Safety CVE (Compliance Verification Engineer) function in our DOA and controls the quality of external structural design suppliers.

Karol Stelmaszewski

Avionics Engineer


Karol Stelmaszewski is a young and dynamic engineer who has experience in light weight aircraft design and manufacturing.  He holds a Master´s degree in Avionics. He designs Avionics & Electrical systems on CAD based systems. He creates technical documentation of avionics and electrical systems.

 He also serves as a gateway for customer support in our projects.

Steve Bowyer

Structural Engineer & CVE


Steve Bowyer has been an aircraft structures engineer for more than 30 years, and a FAA DER for more than 20 years.  His area of expertise is aircraft structural analysis and substantiation.  His knowledge and engineering judgment helps implementing easy solutions even for novel designs and integrations. He also serves as a Structural CVE in our DOA.

Venkat Ramachandran

Structural Engineer & CVE


Venkat Ramachandran has had a 30+ year career in flight vehicle structures design and analysis.  He is an FAA DER with expertise in aircraft structural analysis and damage tolerance analysis.  He has worked for many aircraft manufacturing companies and he prepares our damage tolerance substantiations. He is also a Structural CVE in our DOA.

Mike Garman

FAA DER avionic systems


Mike Garman has been a FAA avionics DER for many years and supports our DOA with activities and project work associated the FAA approvals.